Friday, May 15, 2015

Bennett at Eight Months

 Happy eight months to our happy Bennett boy!

The biggest new development for him is that he now has three teeth!  The bottom two came in simultaneously and now he has one top one as well.

The teeth came in with a bit of complaining - enough to make us rejoice every time the tooth finally broke the surface - but overall he did okay.

Bennett loves eating anything he can get his hands on.  It's so fun letting him try all kinds of fruit.  He is devouring watermelon and stone fruit lately.  Bread is, of course, another favorite.

 It's such a change from our picky toddler to have a child eager to try everything new.

Bennett is an outdoor boy.  He loves to be outside as much as possible - swinging or watching Harper or going for a ride in the stroller.  If he starts fussing all you have to do is take one step outside and he instantly calms.

He likes rolling around on the floor, but he prefers sitting with his head held high and nibbling on his toys. When he's on his belly, he's doing a bit of scooting - just a few inches forward at a time, but he knows he wants to get somewhere.  He loves standing with his arms on the coffee table or couch - he can't fully support his weight yet, but he's getting close.

His new favorite toy is currently whatever-Orelia-is-holding.  (Orelia can relate, trust me.)

 He's experimenting with dropping his last nap of the day, but mostly still prefers to take three naps and sleep 11-12 hours at night.  Every morning I thank my lucky stars.

 Just like his big sister, Bennett loves to be held by Mommy.  What baby doesn't, I suppose?  We enjoy plenty of snuggles together.

 We love Bennett Boosky more than words can say.  Happy eight months, B!

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