Monday, November 16, 2015

The Two Percent

 Lately my photos are 98% Orelia.

 She is so exuberant in her play, that I try my best to capture her in her element.

 She loves playing "tennis" with her Hello Kitty tennis racket from Aunt Natalie and Uncle Mitch (it's more akin to baseball where I throw her the ball and she tries to hit it).

 There are often acrobatic feats from the monkey bars in my camera roll.

 Lately she has been enjoying jumping and running more than ever.  She especially likes to leap from the rocks in our yard.

 I have many, many photos of this girl upside down.

 She must love the view.  (So do I.)

 Occasionally there are pictures of snuggles, but usually she is solo.

 I am grateful for every photo of her sweet smile.

 This period of her life is especially well documented, it seems.

And then there is Bennett.  He is my sweet boy who is never in front of the camera.  I remember this age with Orelia.  They aren't always as easy to smile as they were when they were babies.  And they are always moving, and usually they are crawling away from you or literally crawling on you.  I could probably take a million photos of Bennett standing and yanking at my pant legs in the kitchen, and that would capture this age perfectly.

 For now all I have are a few photos where Bennett is in his daddy's arms.

Or strapped into his little car.

I will try harder, Bennett, to capture you in your element better.  For now I will just hang onto those few photos I have of you at almost-fourteen-months.

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