Monday, May 15, 2017

An Un-Recital

We were going to be in Hawaii for Orelia's last dance recital, so her amazing teacher was kind enough to host a pseudo-rectial for Orelia at her last rehearsal.

The kids had just gotten their costumes that day, so they were thrilled.

Orelia was especially eager to say hi to all the moms and siblings sitting right in front of her.

Their first dance was to "How Far I'll Go" (from Moana for those of you who don't have young daughters).

All of the kids of course loved this and adore the movie.

The second dance was their hip hop dance to "Hair Up" from Trolls.

Orelia also loves this movie, so she really lucked out with the song choices this time.

She's definitely more into dancing to the faster-paced songs, and loved bopping around holding her pony tail up.

Her teacher even used pink hair paint to make her pony tail pink for the recital.

And of course, there is the especially important element of recital makeup - perhaps Orelia's favorite thing.

While the makeup and pink hair might be Orelia's favorite part, I love seeing her smile and enjoy performing.

Her other favorite part was probably this amazing rainbow costume, because, duh.

Congratulations, Orelia, on another successful show!

And congratulations Bennett on sitting through another recital!

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